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real estate transactions in Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia.

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Commercial Real Estate

Mullin DeMeo is able to assist with a full range of commercial real estate transactions, including the acquisition and sale of office buildings, industrial and commercial properties, warehouses, and apartment buildings, as well as the leasing of commercial properties. We negotiate and draft purchase agreements, perform ownership and title due diligence, and negotiate and settle loan transactions related to acquisitions.

We have extensive experience representing clients who own small and large apartments, office buildings, and marinas, as well as clients who may wish to sell real property along with and as part of the sale of a business. We also act for borrowers and major financial institutions in the preparation of commercial mortgage transactions.

Our lawyers act for both landlords and tenants, and can assist with commercial leasing matters such as:

  • negotiations,
  • drafting and review of offers to lease,
  • licenses,
  • leases,
  • tenancy agreements,
  • rights of first refusal,
  • and options to renew, expand or purchase.

We also have extensive experience providing financing guidance on real estate acquisition and development. We have advised on loan structures, negotiating, and settling financing documents from both the borrower’s and lender’s points of view.